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Strategy 2027: Accelerating Growth, Building Trust

We have set ambitious targets for 2027, based on our unique ability to respond to the megatrends driving growth in the TIC industry.

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Our unique assets

  • Gold standard solutions provider in the industry, with 145 years of established history and experience

  • Largest global network of restricted substances testing, pollutant identification and general chemistry

  • Largest number of national accreditations globally to support customers in meeting their compliance needs and challenges

  • Unique expertise capturing supply chain evolution

  • Leading provider of digital trust services (cybersecurity, e-commerce compliance and data integrity)

We are strategically positioning our business for the key megatrends which are driving growth in our industry, as well as fostering a performance culture within our company, to enable us to meet ambitious targets.

Géraldine Picaud, Chief Executive Officer

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Nine strategic priorities to create value

How we will measure success

1 Free Cashflow / (EBITDA – leases). Refer to Alternative Performance Measures – Appendix to the “2023 full year results”.

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